Hello and welcome to this page, where we will be comparing the monster burst fire machines from the Assault Rifle category. In the Russian corner, with its revolutionary 'hyper-burst' technology is the AN-94. In the American corner is the M16A4 of MW1 fame, and with arguably one of the fastest time to kills in the game!

Comparison Edit

AN-94 M16A4
Caliber 5.45x39mm 5.56x45mm
Damage 32-24 34-24
RPM 600 (Auto)

1800 (Burst)

'Burst Cap' (Bursts Per Minute) 900 BPM 300 BPM
3-hit kill range N/A 48 studs
4-hit kill range 75 studs 49 -> 81 studs
5-hit kill range 76 -> ∞ studs 82 -> ∞ studs
Burst TTK

(Trigger finger max 450 RPM)

0.225 -> 0.3 0.15 -> 0.3
Range 40 max -> 85 min 45 max -> 85 min
Fire Modes Burst -> Auto Burst -> Semi

From this chart, it seems the M16A4 has an advantage in close quarters TTK. However, due to having zero recoil on the first shot on burst, the AN-94 beats it in range.

The M16A4 has an advantage in close quarters if the user has an adept enough trigger finger. Firing too fast will 'jam' up the gun, firing slower than 900 RPM. If the user fires at 300 BPM, he/she will absolutely wreck the competition, given that he/she is accurate enough. It is also arguably the best Assault Rifle to use in semi, as it can 3-hit kill to the head at long range, much like a Marksman Rifle.

The AN-94 on the other hand, is a great choice for Assault Rifle mainly due to its long range capability, while still retaining some of its CQC prowess. Due to its zero recoil on the first shot in burst fire, the second shot will land in the exact same spot, if the rifle was kept still. However, that does not excuse the iron sights, as they are extremely cluttered. While it does have an automatic mode, it does not match the prowess of the burst mode, as it only fires a measly 600 RPM, and should only be used if the user does not have a good enough trigger finger. Put a VCOG 6x optic on, and it will turn into a burst-fire sniper rifle, with the added benefit of having no reachable firecap, quick scope-in time, and the potential to counter snipers at record-breaking distance.

Best Gun? Edit

For its long range ability, the AN-94 trumps the M16A4 in that regard, and trumps even a few Marksman Rifles while it's at it. However, the best gun in close range, perhaps in the entire game, is the M16A4, which can be brutal in close quarters, given the user's trigger discipline.

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