The Aperture Sight is an alternate low-zoom sight available for the Bolt-Action Rifles, Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Machine Guns.

Compatible Guns Edit

The Aperture Sight is compatible with the following guns:

Effects Edit

The Aperture Sight can offer either a slight zoom increase, or decrease the magnification of a gun if it is too high for the player's liking (i.e. Aperture Sight on a Bar Gun). This attachment helps with the player's peripheral vision around the sight, should the standard sight be too cumbersome.

Notes Edit

  • The Aperture Sight can decrease zoom if put on a Rifle other than a STG-44, and a Machine Gun.
  • The reticle of the Aperture Sight varies between some guns (i.e. M3 Grease Gun has a delta reticle rather than the standard dot reticle)
  • The Kar98K's, DP-28's, M1 Thompson's and SVT's Aperture Sight share a unique blue tint on the sight.
  • The MP18's, Bar Gun's. PPSH-41's, M3 Grease Gun's, and STG-44's have a Grey sight holder instead of a standard Black one.
  • The SVT 40's Aperture sight also has a Red dot in it, this is the only gun to have that effect. This is similar to the M3 Grease Gun's Triangle reticle instead of a dot, likewise the MP18 has an Angle with a line on both sides.
  • In real life, an aperture sight would be a type of closed sight; where the rear sight is a ring with a hole, while the front sight is a post. In game, however, the Aperture Sight is portrayed as a low-tech WW2 version of the Red Dot Sight, which appears in other Call of Duty games, and is portrayed as integrated to the M4's first model.

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