Welcome to the Call of Robloxia WikiEdit

Welcome to the unofficial wikia for the Call of Robloxia game made by the user litozinnamon and shaylan007 on ROBLOX as well as Phantom Forces by litozinnamon, shaylan007, and AxisAngles. This wikia is in development by a few people of the community, and is planned to grow bigger and with more pages as time goes on.

Main Categories on this WikiaEdit

- Weapons (Call of Robloxia 5 weapons and Phantom Forces weapons)

- Game modes (All CoR 5: RaW and Phantom Forces gamemodes)

- Maps (The various maps in CoR 5: RaW, CoR 5:CV and Phantom Forces)

- Users (The makers of the game is our main concern, then maybe some special users...)

- Perks (All the perks, (within their respectable categories) and their uses.)

- Attachments (All for each gun available in CoR 5:RaW and Phantom Forces)

- Clans (Various competitive groups on the leaderboards, and in UCL.)

- Other functions (Glitches, notes and other things.)

Latest activityEdit

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CoR5 Heading

A photo used in the Call of Robloxia 5 slideshow.