Damage Dropoff Per Stud (or DDPS for short) is a calculation of damage dropoff between the close range damage and long range damage. This calculation is easier to do in Phantom Forces, due to not only the damage models given, but also the range numbers given.

Process Edit


L = Long range damage

C= Close range damage

F= Nearest distance of minimal damage

N= Farthest distance of maximum damage

This process is made to calculate what damage a gun will do between values N and F. Let's use the AK12 as an example.

The AK12 deals 33 damage at close range and 20 damage at long range. Let's plug these numbers into our equasion.


Now we must find the range values. The AK12 deals 33 damage out to 30 studs, and starts doing minimum damage at 70 studs. Let's plug these numbers into our equasion.


Now, we will insert some PEMDAS math here and there, and this shall be the process.




Get your calculators ready for this one lads... According to the calculator, the DDPS value for the AK12 is 0.375 studs. Other times however, we may not be so fortunate to wind up with a definite answer. If that is the case, round the value to the nearest hundreth, or thousanth if you prefer.

Trivia Edit

  • While it is possible to calculate these values in CoR 5, it will be near impossible, since there is no alphanumerics stating range or damage, nor a stud measurement system for kills.

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