JoeMauerTwinz is the 170th person on the all time leaderboard with 38897 total kills and a KDR ratio of 1.97. He is known to be good with throwing knives (by using the Special Nades x3 perk w/ throwing knives ^3^). And is good at around 10:00 AM American CT through 3:00 PM American CT (American Central Time). He is in the clan Call Of Robloxia Elite Players (C.O.R.E) for a long time. He has played in the version before the giant update and stated that his favorite map was "Marina" and in the new update it was "Espionage".

He uses a variety of guns and he wastes all of his reichbux on camos. He is a scrub. He is currently rank 51 (as of 9/20/15) and has blue hex on all Shotguns, Snipers, and Subs, he also has every attachment for every gun.

He plans to get blue hex on every gun before he retires.

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