Disclaimer: This page was simply made for fun, and lists the PAP names for all of the Phantom Forces weapons. Unless Zombies comes and you have PF guns, PAP'd PF guns at that, this list will remain in the fan-made for-fun sort.

(All Pack-A-Punched guns will have twice as big magazines and reserve ammo, and 2x as high damage, unless otherwise noted)

Pack-A-Punched Names Edit

Pistols Edit

M9 - 9001 Marauders (Dual Wield, Explosive Rounds, with 8+1 rounds per pistol)

G17 - Galactic Conqueror (Shooting at the ground will make black holes, which suck zombies in, with 5+1 rounds per magazine)

G18 - G115 Collider (fire rate increased 25% to 975 RPM)

MP412 REX - MP115 Tyrannosaurus REX (gibs zombies in one hit to any limb; doesn't mean it's lethal)

DEagle 44 - Bird of Prey (Explosive Rounds)

M93R - M115 Resurgent (Full Auto)

Serbu Shotgun - The Devil's Paintbrush (Zombies completely disappear when killed; Integral Birdshot)

Tec-9 - Miami Buzzsaw (Comes with 100+1 rounds per mag, and shoots 50% faster at 2,700 RPM with zero recoil)

Obrez - Unich (Short for unichtozheniye, Russian for Annihilation, zero spread, VCOG 6x Scope)

ZIP 22 - Cricket (Fires grenades, headshots will kill any zombie in one hit regardless of wave, VCOG 6x Scope)

M1911 - Force and Core (PF and CoR Easter Egg; performs similarly to the Mustang and Sally from CoD Zombies; 5+1 rounds for both weapons; both fire grenades)

SFG 50 - Dragon's Breath (huge muzzle flash. Within 15 studs, zombies catch on fire. No spread.)

Assault Rifles Edit

AN-94 - Atomic Necromancer 115 (fires full auto at 1,800 RPM)

AK12 - Atrocious Killer 115

M16A4 - M115A420 (fires full auto at 1,125 RPM)

G36 - 36,000 Giblets

M16A3 - Battlefield Nightmare (Near-zero recoil)

AUG A1 - AUGmented Annihilator 115

SCAR-L - Battle SCARs


AUG A2 - Straight Buff

AUG A3 - Ranged Afterlife

L85A2 - Light-Footed Brit (faster movement speed)

AS Val - Sticks and Stones

AK47 - Autonomous Kracking Device 115

AKM - Autonomous Kracking Device Mk2

AK74 - Anti-Klawing machine

M231 - M115 Poltergeist Fracturing Weapon

PDWs Edit

P90 - Penetrator 9001 (penetrates through entire hordes)

MP5K - Marathon 5k

MP7 - Squeaky Clean (fires faster at 1,187.5 RPM)

UMP45 - Universal Maker of Pain 45,000

MP5 - Master Penetrator 115

MP5SD - 5,000 Silent Deaths

MP10 - Countdown

MP5/10 - Gibbing Half (Exploding Rounds)

Colt SMG 635 - Smashing Mach Gutter 935

Kriss Vector - Lucky 13 (Locked to 2-round burst, same capacity, same exploding rounds as the 'Force and Core' PaP M1911)

MAC-10 - Big & Mac (dual wielded.)

LMGs Edit

Colt LMG - Mustang HMG

M60 - Rambo Machine (Exploding Rounds)

MG36 - Buzzsaw Reincarnate (fires faster at 937.5 RPM)

AUG HBAR - Exploding Radicals (Exploding Rounds)

L86 LSW - Littering Slaughtering Wrath


RPK - Rapid Punch Kontraption

RPK74 - Rapid Punch Kontraption 74000

Sniper Rifles Edit

Intervention - Divine Intervention (ADS speed and movement are the same as that of a PDW)

Remington 700 - Wrecker 700,000

BFG 50 - Demon Slayer (Muzzle Flash is green to resemble the BFG 9000 from doom, Exploding Rounds)

Mosin Nagant - White Death (illuminated iron sights, snow camo)

L115A3 - Long-Range Annihilator 345

AWS - AWS0m3

Carbines Edit

M4 - Massacre 4,000

M4A1 - Master 4 All

G36C - 36,000 Claws

L22 - Light 22,000

SCAR PDW - Powered Death Wrecker

SR-3M - Serene Wrecker 115

Honey Badger - Ratel

Shotguns Edit

KSG-12 - Killer Shark Gibber 115

Remington 870 - Revolutionary 870,000

KS-23M - Edgy-115

DMRs Edit

Mk11 - Massive Kollision 115

SKS - Shark Killing Suckerpunch

SCAR SSR - Super Special Ripper

Dragunov SVU - Savage Fire Breather (Shooting a zombie will light it on fire, and will light other zombies on fire within a 15 stud radius; Canted Delta Sight)

VSS Vintorez - Vitals Stopping Shooter

Battle Rifles Edit

SCAR-H - Super Collision ARtillery, Heavy (Exploding Rounds)

AG-3 - Advanced Guillotine 115

Henry .45-70 - Lincoln's Own (holds 16 rounds like another certain Henry, and dons a brass finish. Reloads 4 at a time.)

Melee Edit

Knife - Spy Stabber (equipping it allows other zombies to ignore you when not provoking them)

Machete - Spetsnaz Decapitation Special

Other Edit

Ray Gun - Shaylan's Ray Gun Mk7

CTE-exclusive weapons Edit

G11K2 - G115-2000

MP5A4 - Hollow Burst

DEagle 50 - Zakhaev's Obituary

Crane - Swan Song

Fists - Furious Fireballs (converts fists from a melee weapon to a fireball launcher)

AR-15/50 - Anglo Saxon Death Device (Exploding Rounds)

G17 Carbine (G17 w/ full ring sight, long barrel, and stock) - Scoutmaster MkI (equivalent of melee run speed, becomes 3-round burst with near-zero recoil)

G18 Carbine (G18 w/ half ring sight, long barrel, and stock) - Scoutmaster MkII (equivalent of melee run speed, more recoil than Scoutmaster MkI, but still reduced recoil from the base gun)

Remington 700 Duplex (R700 with M198 Duplex ammo) - Widowmaker (Referencing the gun in Infinite Warfare, every shot traces towards zombie heads, with both likely finding a target)

SCAR-H Duplex (SCAR-H with M198 Duplex ammo) - Trench Sweeper (100 rounds per magazine, fire rate increases to 937.5 RPM, projectiles per bullet increased to four)

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