This page will be dedicated to showing all updates to Phantom Forces.

Updates Edit

November 2015 Edit

[November 12, 2015] Edit


- Flare Domination game mode

- Round notification in menu

- Auto team re-balancing (experimental)

- Grenade indicators

- New kill bonus awards

- Shift+L for cinematic mode (hide GUIs)

- Thanksgiving theme!

- A ton of other minor stuff, too much to type

[11/13/15] Edit

- Removed possibility of teamkilling

- Removed autoteam balancing in middle of match

[11/16/15] Edit

- Name tags now visible in cinematic mode (Shift+L)

- Testing google analytics tracking

[11/24/15] Edit

- Added right click stab animation for knifing (animation is still choppy now)

- Updated sprinting positions and arm holding positions of some guns

December 2015 Edit

[December 3, 2015 (Unofficial Update)] Edit

  • Glock 17 and Glock 18 have been renamed to G17 and G18, respectively.
  • Note that teamkilling is still in PF.

[12/4/15] Edit

  • New Crane Map Revamp in testing

[12/12/15 (Unofficial Update)] Edit

  • A new map has been added- it's called "Metro".

[12/16/15- Christmas Update] Edit

    Christmas Decor

    An example of the Christmas theme that was released.

  • New King of the Hill experiment!
  • British gun set added!
    • New Carbine: L22
    • New Assault Rifle: L85A2
    • New LMG: L86 LSW
  • Increased Deagle fire rate from 330 to 400
  • Increased stability of MP412 REX and increased range of one hit headshot kill
  • Increased headshot multiplier of snipers from 2x to 3x
  • Increased bullet drop gravity acceleration
  • Hopefully fixed attachment stats screwing up

[12/19/15 (Unofficial Update)] Edit

  • Leaderboards have been added. They are based upon your score per round; if you leave a match you do not cash in the XP you have accumulated so far during that match.
  • Also, Carbines seem to have their own ammo type now; you cannot pick up ammo for a L22 from an AN-94, for example.

[12/22/15] Edit

  • Reduced capture time of positions from 15 to 5 seconds
  • Added letters to domination capture points

[12/23/15 (Unofficial Update)] Edit

  • Unknown changes occurred.
    • Presumably they changed the cap time back.

[12/24/15] Edit

  • Merry Christmas Eve! :)
  • Fixed domination capture points
  • Note: Apparently the spawning is messed up now; both teams spawn at exactly the same spawnpoint, and the round ending gui is screwed up, too. It just kicks everyone to the menu.
    • This has now been fixed.

[12/25/15] Edit

  • Merry Christmas!
  • Readded BFG 50 as a powerful one shot 50 BMG sniper rifle (Rank 65 sniper class)

[12/30/15] Edit

  • Added Famas, Deagle 44, and MP412 Rex third person gun models.
  • Fixed a bug where scopes had incorrect recoil values
  • Assist points will now never exceed 99.
  • Attempt to patch health hacking.
  • Attempt to patch corrupted 1.#QNAN player ranks.
  • Players with 1.#QNAN ranks automatically get reimbursed to rank 20. (We cannot retrieve your original rank unfortunately.)
  • (There was also a ninja update where Litzo put the FAMAS to a rank 0 unlock.)
  • (The SCAR-L was given the Developer camo featured in Update Video 11, too.)
  • (Both ninja updates- the SCAR-L camo and the FAMAS rank- were removed after a short period of time.)

[12/31/15] Edit

  • Enjoy the New Years double credits sale! (The amount of credits you see in the shop has already been doubled from the original amount)
  • NEW UNIFORMS made by TheHumbl
  • Implemented a map chunk loading system, less lag when a new map is loading

January 2016 Edit

[January 2, 2016] Edit

  • New ballistics tracker attachment for 1500 kills
  • Auto spots and tracks every enemy visible to you only
  • The yellow diamond target marker is where you aim for headshots with bullet velocity and bullet drop calculated.
  • Now you can see how bullet drop exists in the game with this attachment

[1/9/16] Edit

  • No more lag switching. Damage requests now time out after 500ms.

[1/11/16] Edit

  • Attempt to patch some exploits that bypassed filtering through unprotected network events
  • Experimental bullet whiz sounds (we will lower the volume based on our tests and your feedback. They are nowhere finalized.)

[1/21/16- BLOXY Award Update 1] Edit

  • Part one of the BLOXY's award updates! We've re-added three of the unique sidearms back from the paid demo stages!
  • Tec-9 Automatic pistol
  • M93R Burst fire pistol
  • Serbu Shotgun

[ Other minor updates ]

  • Mouse sensitivity settings in the menu now save

[1/22/16 (Unofficial Update)] Edit

  • It appears that StyLiS added a new background on that day. Whether this is true or not is unconfirmed.

[1/23/16 (Unofficial Update)] Edit

  • The M93R and M9 alike appear to have been buffed. They now hit at 34 damage instead of 33.

[1/24/16- Suppression Update] Edit

  • When you get shot at, your camera will spike to simulate suppression, but the gun model itself will not "move" with it as it did before. This alters the dynamics of your aim as bullets shoot in the direction of the physical gun model.

February 2016 Edit

[February 6, 2016] Edit

  • Updated name tag behavior
  • Team names become dots when they are behind walls
  • Team health bars fades out at 100 studs out in plain view
  • Spotting will work on enemies behind fences and windows (i.e: Windows are no longer treated as solid objects)
  • Hopefully this fixes the name tag clutter that can often be confusing if they're behind enemy players
  • An unofficial update appears to be that StyLiS has removed the point bonus for halting an enemy's CP progress. This is most likely to keep people from "farming" points off of clueless fools.

[2/8/16] Edit

  • Updated MP5K model
  • Note: The MP5K's foregrip has been changed so that if you add another Attatchment, it will not go on the side. Instead, the stock foregrip will be replaced.
  • I also assume the reload time has been slightly edited; it's a bit longer now.

[2/9/16 (V0.5.0)] Edit

  • New MP5 and MP5SD added!
  • New server version system
  • We will start marking our update versions from now on, arbitrarily starting from 0.5.0
  • It appears the MP5K has received a RoF buff from 800 to 900 here.
  • It also seems that the sliding technique has gotten a huge buff, being able to pull off insane speed stunts if used properly.

March 2016 Edit

[03/21/16 (V0.6.0)] Edit

  • Major content update for guns!
  • New AUG A1 model and four new unique AUG gun variants!
    • New guns: Aug A2, Aug A3, Aug A3 Para, Aug HBAR
  • Fixed blue dot over enemies
  • Increased M60 recoil and damage
  • Added "climbing" animation
  • Ordered gun list by ranks in menu

[3/23/16 (V0.7.0)] Edit

  • New guns: MP10 and MP-5/10

[3/27/16 (V0.8.0)] Edit

  • Scar Variants
    • New SCAR-L and SCAR-H model rebuilt!
    • New SCAR PDW, SCAR HAMR, and SCAR SSR added!
  • Restructured class set ups
  • Reconfigured the Mall map significantly

May 2016 Edit

[5/4/16 (V0.9.0)] Edit

  • AS VAL family gun models
  • New AS VAL model, hence new reloading animation
    • AS VAL re-classified as an assault rifle from PDW
  • New carbine: SR-3M
  • New DMR (returning demo gun): VSS Vintorez
  • New Battle rifle (MP5 family): AG-3

[5/24/16 (V0.10.4)] Edit

  • New experimental shader effects on maps
  • Enabled VIP server testing for Roblox
  • Stats do not save in VIP servers, more features will come in the summer when more attention is directed towards them
  • It seems they have also ninja-patched the Suppressors, as the maximum damage on a weapon with any Suppressor equipped will be unchanged.
  • You can also now aim down the sights of weapons and inspect your gun during the countdown and at the end-of-round screen.