The Telescopic Sight is a high zoom optic that increases the zoom of a gun (in the case of rifles and machine guns, it's just an alternate sight). It appears in the Bolt-Action Rifles, Rifles, Submachine Guns, Machine Guns, and Pistols.

Compatibility Edit

The Telescopic Sight is compatible with the following guns:

Effects Edit

The telescopic sight is a high zoom optic that significantly magnifies the zoom on most guns (i.e. Mosin Nagant). However, on the rifles and machine guns, it is merely a slight increase in zoom compared to the normal iron sights (i.e. DP-28), like how the Aperture sight is on submachine guns and bolt-action rifles.

Notes Edit

  • Like the Aperture Sight, the Telescopic Sight has varying reticles. However, the reticles sometimes match the scope reticles of the DSR-50, XPR-50, and Ballista from Call of Duty: Black Ops II (2012) (i.e. Mosin Nagant's telescopic sight matches the DSR-50's reticle, the M1 Carbine's reticle matches that of the XPR-50's, and the M1 Garand's telescopic sight reticle matches that of the Ballista's).
  • It is the only optical attachment that is available on a secondary (in this case, the .357 Magnum).