Well, I wanted to make sure everyone knows what this is about, so since this wikia was abandoned, no one has used it in awhile. The only edits since who knows when is by me, CamaroBB and No5712. As there are no admins, nothing can be done more then just edits, but if someone adopts the wiki, we can have Admins and change alot of features. (There can also be more then one Admin, so if any of the three of us adopt this wiki, you can make the others admins as well.) As of now, I have planned out that I'll adopt the wiki, if you want to have any word in it you can use the comments below of the blog post to post any concerns or anything you have with this.

Here is the link to view the page of where it states all that is needed for adopting a wiki:

I also plan on getting some weapon Templates for the wiki, so that way it looks nice and professinal when people look at it. I'm starting pretty basic, but I'll get there soon. After this I'ma work on the template for weapons and while Camaro works on the weapon pages, I'll get them looking more professinal. I'll also be changing the colors for the wiki after the adminship has been given, I like the blue, but I think it needs a change.

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