Well, might as well start testing some more of Wikia tools wikia gives us, such as Blog Posts and Forums! I decided this one can go for a Favorite Class Set-up, whether its for Objective gameplay, killing, camping or just messing around with people. Perhaps one day this could become a good place to tell great tells of epic kill feeds and epic classes that using the group area just doesn't work as well....... (Oh, and there isn't the Roblox limititaions of what you can and can't type.)

Sniper Class: 

Sniper: Lee-Enfield/Arisaka, Sniper Scope.

Pistol: Nambu/Any Dual Wieldable pistol(DWP), Dual.

Primary Grenade: Sticky Grenade

Special Grenade: Signal Flare

Perks: Bandolier, Juggernaut, and Reconnaissance.

Shotgun Class: Double Barrel Shotgun, Stock.

Pistol: TT-33/DWP, Dual.

Primary Grenade: Molotov.

Special Grenade: Throwing Knives.

Perks: Bandolier, Sleight of Hand and Fireproof.

SMG Class:

SMG: PPS-43, Stock (Normally a Grip, but with no recoil stock works fine.)

Pistol: P38/DWP, Dual.

Primary Grenade: Stielhandgranate.

Special Grenade: Throwing Knives.

Perks: Bandolier, Juggernaut, Fireproof.

Well, these are my three main classes, good for about any occasion and works well for most maps. We will get this up and running soon, and when we do it will work alot better with more players.

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